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would’ve done this welcome post sooner but had mocks, innit

You can blame this man for this madness:

Gerry and meself are only bleedin’ delighted with ourselves at the number of followers the blog has accumulated the past couple of days, so tanks to ye all! 
The support is so nice, I might even stop trying to do a Dublin accent. what do you mean by “so that’s what that was”?

We’re very happy to receive messages telling us how fabulous Gerry and ice cream are, so drop us a line here, or you can send us any pictures or artistic renditions of politicians eating ice cream here.  

Tracking down pictures of politicians eating ice cream who aren’t called Barack or Bill proves to be a bit tricky, so any submissions are appreciated. The first person to find a picture of Margaret Thatcher eating ice cream, will win the unique prize of ten thousand years of glory in Irish legend. 

So, cheers lads, until next time,

XOXO Politicians Eating Ice Cream

Ice cream is exquisite - what a pity it isn't illegal.